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  1. Although Proviron is an orally administered steroid, and is alkylated to survive the first pass through the liver, it is considered to be almost completely non toxic to the liver does spencer’s sell viagra chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic evaluation was assessed by monitoring the tumor incidence and tumor volume as well as by analyzing the status of a biochemical markers maspin, survivin, livin, caveolin 1, osteopontin and Fucosyltransferase 4 gene expressions, oxidative stress related profile including; total antioxidant capacity TAC, glutathione reductase GR activity, glutathione s transferase GST activity assay, superoxide dismutase SOD activity, catalase CAT activity and lipid peroxidation MDA, renal and hepatic toxicity markers urea, creatinine, alanine transaminase alt activity, aspartate aminotransferase ast activity, alkaline phosphatase ALP Activity and Оі Glutamyltransferase GGT activity also study of b biophysical markers trace and heavy metals lead Pb, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, nickel Ni, iron Fe, selenium Se, copper Cu and zinc Zn, dielectric properties and body water distribution finally c histopathological examination oral administration of increasing dose of moringa, graviola, ginger garden cress and artemisinin extracts, respectively significantly prevented the tumor incidence and tumor volume as well as brought back the status of the above mentioned biochemical and biophysical variables

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